Day 30: Reconstruction

For the last day of NaPoWriMo 2013, we’re going out with a bang.  Can you believe I actually got caught up?  Me neither.  But I made it somehow.  It’s late evening on day 30 here and I’m glad the prompt is out so that I can finish on the actual Day 30…  The last prompt is to take a poem you enjoy and replace words with words that mean the exact opposite.  Can’t wait to give it a try!

The Highway Taken

Two highways converged in a sandy desert

And happy that I could travel only one

And be any travelers, moments I sat

And closed my eyes down one highway just a bit

To where it straightened out in the open;

Then took that highway, as just as ugly

And having no better claim

because it was barren and overworn

Though as for that no one passing there

Had left both unworn differently,
And neither that evening unequally stood

In sand many steps had disappeared white.

Oh. I missed the path for that day!

Yet knowing how highway converges with highway

I was sure I would go away.

I won’t be keeping this secret with a whoop

Right now at this exact instant

Two highways converged in a desert and you,

you stayed on the two more lived near

And that has made no difference.

Day 29: On Foreign Ground

Today’s prompt is to try and drop in some foreign words into your poem.  I’m feeling inspired by the crazy use of English in this part of the world, so I may combine the two into something very unusual…

A Melting Pot of Worldly Weirdness

Hallo Ma’amSir, how are you?

Same – same but different you want, yes?

Head bobbling away like a dashboard toy

Yes or no or, oh I don’t know


Insh’allah tomorrow but maybe today

Deja vu is this conversation’s name

What is your good name they ask away

Yella, habibi, beyond the believable on foreign ground we stand.

Day 28: Color Poem

Today seems pretty straightforward.  We’re writing about a color after thinking about the emotions attributed to it, the other names for it, and looking about us to see what we espy in it.  Hmmm.


Feeling a Little Yellow

Spine-tingling like the rays of sun

lovingly brushing on my ears

Lemony goodness reminding one

the sweetness that she hears


Sunflower stalks blowing to and fro

in the fertile field of my wandering mind

Leaning in to observe and show

What once was and now a sign


Like the mustard always pulling

flavors rich and understated

Wish I do and do so fully

My viewing of her was not belated

Day 27: Poetic Magpies

This prompt is an interesting one.  You take a well known idiom and put three words in google.  You then grab words that catch your fancy and let them inspire a poem.

A Stitch

Spun fibers, twisted in place to add strength

Picturesque in but a little time

Unbridled work, unnamed passion length by length

Wisdom grasps the tulips and limes


Wisdom from a time long past

Not accident nor unexpected outcome

The needlework of time is cast

upon the hearts of those who spun fibers



Day 26: A Little Erasure (not the band)

So this prompt has me quite intrigued.  You take a poem and erase word keeping the relative position of the ones that are left in… I can’t wait to try this one.

I picked a Palestinian author to “erase.”  What an ineteresting form this is. The original poem, The Three Cypress Trees by Mourid Barghouti is excellent… worth a read, for sure.

THREE                     TREES

Transparent and frail,
serene                              things to come,
three cypresses on the slope.
belie           sameness,
confirms it.
I said:
dare to keep                            them,
beauty          takes away our daring,
courage fades
clouds rolling
form      the cypresses.
birds flying
change the resonance
line behind
fixes                            the cypresses
whose only fruit is greenness.
Yesterday,             sudden cheerfulness,
Today,                             sorrow,
I            the axe.

Day 24: A Rose By Any Other Name

Stop and Smell the Roses

A rose by another name would smell as sweet,

or so my old pal Will once told me

I take leave to wonder at the treat

of finding what’s in my own name.


And so, as advised it was input

an anagram to find and write

The site did not go kaput

which is progress from many others I’ve seen.


Breathalyze Mi and yet I don’t drink

not so fitting this little moniker

Ablaze They Rim, do you think?

Which rim? Ablaze with what? Not either.


Amaze By Hitler, well this one is true

but having ne’er to do with me, you see

Rehab Lazy Mite, will make me blue

Whose mite is lazy I should like to know.


Able Hazy Merit, now that’s more fitting

My mind is able but often hazy

You see it is my kids now sitting

that take my mind’s merit clear away.


So now we know my new name you see

which otherwise would clearly make me sweet

Able Hazy Merit seems to be me

With eyes of blue and yet hair of wheat.